History of the US Flag
14 June, 2017

History of the US Flag

The US flag has symbolized the American nation’s strength and unity for over 200 years. It has inspired many people and induced pride in our nation. Moreover, it has also been a hallmark of the history of our country. On the threshold of American Flag Day, let us look into the history of this essential symbol!

Essential facts about the USA flag

  1. the 1 of January, 1776: The reorganization of the Continental Army resulted in the US army getting under the rule of President Washington. On that day, the Continental Army was in Boston as the army of Great Britain took over this city. The Grand Union flag was to be hoisted at Prospect Hill in accordance with Washington's order. The flag consisted of 13 red and white stripes and there was also the canton in its upper left corner.
  2. May, 1776: The first American flag was sewed by Betsy Ross.
  3. June 14, 1777: The first Flag Act was introduced with an intention to establish the official flag for the new country. It was decided to place 13 red and white stripes on the flag and add 13 stars on a blue field as a symbol of a new constellation.
  4. 1777-1960: During these years, several acts were passed by the Congress to alter the design, shape and arrangement of the objects of the American flag. They allowed adding more stars and stripes onto it to symbolize each new state that came into the USA.

Acts are:

  • April 4, the 1818 Act, signed by President Monroe – provided that each new added state would be added as a new star onto the flag.
  • June 24, 1912, the Executive Order of President Taft – designed the flag’s proportions and planned the disposition of stars (namely, there were six horizontal rows of eight stars. Each of the stars pointed upwards).
  • January 3, 1959, the Executive Order of President Eisenhower – changed the disposition of stars again (7 rows of stars with 7 stars in each).
  • August 21, 1959, the Executive Order of President Eisenhower – another change in the stars arrangement (11 rows placed vertically and 9 rows placed horizontally).

Nowadays, there are 13 white and red alternating stripes on our flag. They represent the 13 colonies that decided to gain independence from the British rule. There are 50 stars that symbolize the 50 states. It should be noted that each color on the US flag has its special meaning, such as:

  • Red – for hardiness and valor
  • White – for purity
  • Blue – for justice, perseverance and vigilance

As you can see, the American flag really conveys a very deep meaning for our nation. Therefore, we should understand this meaning, respect the flag and celebrate Flag Day properly. How are you going to celebrate it this year?

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