History of the Celebration of the National Aviation Day
19 August, 2016

History of the Celebration of the National Aviation Day

On the 19th of August, the United States of America celebrate the National Aviation Day. Starting from 1939, the country has set the holiday to honor the national aviation and its development.

This was Franklin D. Roosevelt, America’s 32nd President, who proclaimed the holiday. The date choice was not made at random. August 19th is Orville Wright's birthday, one of the two prominent Wright brothers, American aviators famous all over the world. Wright brothers are credited with the invention and construction of the first airplane. In fact, Orville was still alive when Roosevelt introduced the holiday.

National Aviation Day is a federal but not a public holiday: business, educational, and government institutions have a regular working day on the 19th of August.

Nevertheless, you will still notice the country has a celebration on this day. First of all, all governmental buildings display the USA flag. Also, many schools choose to organize special activities. Trips to museums, discussion of aviation with a particular focus on its pioneers and achievements help children learn more about the national aviation. On this day, schools discuss:

  • Aviation history
  • Wright brothers’ contribution
  • Aviation pioneers
  • Air transport

Holiday symbols

The holiday souvenirs promote the images of the pioneers, airplanes or any other flight transport, prominent aviation workers, etc.

You shouldn’t confuse national aviation Day with Pan American Aviation Day. We celebrate the latter on the 17th of December which is also Wright Brothers Day.

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