7 Habits That Can Ruin Your College Experience
4 October, 2017

7 Habits That Can Ruin Your College Experience

You are the only one who determines what kind of experience you will have in college. Thus, it is up to you whether to be a stressed out mess or a true go-getter. It is terrifyingly easy to fall into bad habits, but protecting yourself from them is not hard if you can identify them.

Common behaviors that can turn your college life to the worse

Last minute assignments

Class curriculum exists for a reason. Instead of remembering about an essay or a presentation the night before it’s due, just follow the deadlines laid out by your professor and plan ahead. This way, you can avoid overcaffeinated nights in front of your computer trying to scramble something together and ultimately failing miserably.

Microwaving everything

Cooking takes precious time. I know that it’s so much easier to put some store-bought stuff in the machine than looking up recipes, booking kitchen, and preparing dishes. The truth is that dedicating some time to meal prep on weekends can save you a lot of trouble. Afterwards, if you decide to make something, it will only take you a minute. Moreover, the food itself will be so much more satisfying.

Stacking up laundry

There’s nothing worse than sitting next to a smelly guy in a T-shirt with grease stains. If you don’t want to be that person, do your laundry on time. It is not that difficult of a task. You can listen to music, watch series, or update Instagram, all while being a productive person. And don’t forget about bed sheets. Those almost never get changed.

Skipping classes

There’s evil in this world, and it is known as 8 am classes. Waking up so early sucks, but if you’ve taken on the responsibility, there’s no point in complaining. Set up multiple alarms if you need to, but do not ever skip classes. After all, you’re paying hundreds of dollars to have the right to attend them.

Forgetting to call home

Yes, you’re an independent person now. However, it’s not a good enough reason to forget about family and friends back at home. If you’re walking to class, eating lunch alone, or just have a bit of free time, pick up your phone and Skype your loved ones. They will definitely appreciate it.

Being too lazy to exercise

Most dorms have free gyms, so why not use this great opportunity to whip yourself in shape? Working out at least once a week can do wonders for your health and energy. Alternatively, if fancy equipment and other people around are not really your cup of tea, you can go jogging or look up instructional yoga videos online.

It’s difficult to develop productive habits, but if your avoid all-nighters, don’t snack on junk food, and keep up to date with all your assignments, you’ll probably do fine. Just don’t spread yourself too thin!

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