Guide to Getting Fit during Studies
15 September, 2016

Guide to Getting Fit during Studies

You want to become more fit, but the thought of going to a gym or running sounds miserable. It is even more difficult when you have a hefty schedule with classes, exams, club meetings, and job shifts – who would have time for going to gym with all those important things to worry about? However, the sooner you take a decision to do what is good for your body and mind and start doing regular fitness exercises, the quicker you realize that it is a normal and even pleasant habit.

Stretch or Do Some Exercises While Watching TV Shows

Rather than sitting on the couch and mindlessly snacking on some junk foods while watching Netflix, put your laptop away and do some exercises in between favorite episodes. Jumping jacks, sit-ups, squats, and bicycle crunches are all great and simple exercises which you can do quickly to fit in. During the series, do stretching, even if you sit in same positions for a couple of minutes. Use some stretching guides from the Internet.

Always Have a Water Bottle with You

One more advice on how to become fit is having a bottle of water with you everywhere you go. You will definitely be surprised at how much more water you drink just by having some with you. It will not take long to see the benefits of being hydrated – you will also be amazed at how clear your skin becomes and how much more energy you get.

Find a Workout That You Like

If the idea of exercise does not impress you at all, there is a possibility that you just have not yet found the workout you really love. There are so much more exercises than just doing sit ups, running, and lifting weights. Here are several types of workouts that you might like:

  • Yoga
  • Zumba
  • Pilates
  • Cycling
  • Barre
  • Hiking

Take a Friend with You

Having a person to sweat and struggle with completely changes the entire workout game. You will motivate one another and keep each other accountable. In addition, it will be more fun and less intimidating to go to gym with a friend. Challenge one another to see who can do more pushups, or set a goal to run 5 kilometers together on the weekend.

Follow Fitness Accounts to Get Inspiration

If you have a hard time believing that one day you will actually see the results, check out fitness Instagrammers like Tanya Poppett or Tone It Up. They sometimes post before/after photos of their follower’s progress. In addition, they often post quick workouts to try out, along with product recommendations and meal suggestions.

My boyfriend and I started exercising daily after our classes about two months ago and have not stopped yet. I cannot see any physical results yet, but it goes much easier when you have some schedule of trainings and it eventually becomes a normal part of your day. Actually, there is no reason to put off workouts any longer, so just start doing them!

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