Fraternity and Sorority Life
1 December, 2016

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Social and cultural fraternities, sororities, and other youth clubs connected to social fellowship are considered student organizations aimed at developing the personality of each member. The fraternities vary from honorary and departmental to professional and service groups.

As a rule, both fraternities and sororities base on the culture and/or community. Additionally, the selection of the members is grounded on the subjective criteria, which do not contradict the non-discrimination policy of the educational establishment. In comparison to other common student organizations, once you have joined a typical fraternity or sorority, you have no right to enter any other social or cultural club.

As a matter of fact, social and cultural fraternities and sororities tend to forward close intimate bonds within their brotherhood and sisterhood. Furthermore, the members of the organization call each other “brothers” and “sisters.”

Generally, social and cultural fraternity and sorority events encompass various rituals and principles, which promote such noble ideals as deep loyalty, firm friendship, educational achievements and intellectual development, community and the alma mater services, dignity and unity, leadership activity and personal responsibility.

Why Enter?

Social and cultural fraternities, sororities, and other social fellowships provide everyone with an opportunity to get acquainted with people who have common interests and values and who may become lifelong friends. These organizations are able to make the members display their best features, owing to the close bonds and similar targets. It is significant to mention, that all the social fellowships considerably influence the members’ way of life, by supplying opportunities to gain invaluable experience by means of their key values of friendship, scholarship, and service to the community. 

Four Core Elements of Fraternity and Sorority Life

Brotherhood & Sisterhood

The outcome of active involvement in the most popular fraternity or sorority is a special bond that goes beyond space and time, contributing to a lifetime friendship. An essential principle of each fraternity or sorority is a brotherhood or sisterhood respectively, shared by the members through the unforgettable times. Additionally, these organizations give a feeling of safety, by supporting during the most difficult situations in college.


Fraternity and sorority members consider academic excellence as a tradition and priority. For instance, at the University at Albany, in other words, UAlbany, community puts tremendous efforts to keep the scholarship of high quality. The students are eligible for membership only in case their GPA reaches at least 2.65.


Yearly, the members of social and cultural communities donate thousands of both dollars and hours to the local charities. For example, this year, UAlbany communities managed to complete 21,000 hours of the service.


Being determined and responsible, UAlbany members of fraternities and sororities are in charge of different University organizations, including the Residential Life and the Student Association. Furthermore, fraternities and sororities open up opportunities on various levels, for instance, organizational and sub-governing councils.

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