Fall Releases
29 September, 2016

Fall Releases

What to watch – nowadays, this is probably one of the most commonly asked question. There are so many new films coming out every month. So, which one is worth seeing? Here is a list of good movies that won’t leave you indifferent.

This is movie time!


September 30thMasterminds

We have all been waiting for this movie since 2015, but it never made it on screen. Hopefully, this year we will be able to enjoy the outstanding performance of Zach Galifianakis, Owen Wilson, Kristen Wiig, and Jason Sudeikis. Do you really need any other proof that this movie is going to be amazing after seeing all these names? I guess, no. Luckily, we will be able to see this movie soon!


October 7th, The Girl on the Train

This movie is about Rachel Watson’s life. Day after day, she takes a train to get to her work in London. That train passes by her old house, where she and her ex-husband used to live. However, now, her ex-husband lives there with his new family. She is trying her best to distract herself from these overwhelming thoughts. A few houses down, she sees the Hipwell family. In her mind, she creates a perfect life for them. Everything was great until one day. As she was passing the houses, she saw something startling that made her furious. She woke up with a terrible hangover covered with wounds and bruises without any idea what had happened. What she sees in the TV reports is horrifying – Megan Hipwell went missing. Rachel decided to do whatever it takes to find out where Megan is and what happened that night.


November 18th, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Harry Potter fans could not be more excited about this movie! J. K. Rowling decided to give us a little bit more magic and take us back into that incredible world of magicians, muggles, and magic creatures. Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them is a prequel to Harry Potter series. What is even better is that this movie is only the first part of the exciting trilogy!

November 23rd, Moana

This Disney movie is not a love story. This time, the princess will be looking for a mythical island to find a way to save her family. She will have to deal with dangerous sea monsters, different puzzles, and challenges throughout her journey.

So, as you see, the next fall has prepared quite interesting releases worth waiting for. I hope everyone of us will enjoy the movies.

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