Everything about the Sims 5
13 February, 2019

Everything about the Sims 5

There are a lot of rumors and gossips around a well-known game for adults and teenagers - the Sims 5. The main question is whether the company Electronic Arts and Maxis will release a new Sims 5 after recently released Sims 4, which was full of bugs needed to be fixed. Our game experts have analyzed game producer Grant Rodiek's interview and have prepared for you some interesting facts.


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The Sims 5 Will Be!

According to the Rodiek's interview, although they had a rough time after the Sims 4 release, developers and producers do not give up and are preparing something special for their fans and followers. We have found out that this company usually starts to make a new version right after releasing the previous one. It allows us to argue that the Sims 5 development has already begun.

The Sims 5 Release Date

Although it is hard to predict the accurate release date, we believe that it might happen in 2019, 2020 or 2021. Here are some of our arguments. 

The release date of the Sims 5 depends a lot on the development of the various expansion packs for the Sims 4. Also, there were a lot of bugs developers should fix, as we have mentioned. By the way, the previous Sims date releases show us that the average term of a new game release is 4-5 years. Therefore, maybe we will have the Sims 5 in 2019.

However, in 2020 will be the 20th anniversary of the Sims franchise - maybe they will release the Sims 5 then. The last variant - the Sims 5 will appear in 2021 because of programming for new system platforms - PS4, Xbox One, and Virtual Reality that may take more time to launch the Sims 5.

What Should We Expect?

Now when we have found out the possible dates of the Sim 5, let us talk a little bit more about what producers and developers are preparing for their fans.

Forget about the Loading Screens in the Sims 5!

Many gamers complain of a long time of screen loading when they want to change their location in the Sims 4, for example, visit their neighbor's house or the nearest shop. The Sims 5 developers refused from the idea of the loading screens at all since they know how much it does irritate their gamers. 

There is no a Large World in the Sims 5 Anymore!

The solution with a loading screen brought developers to the idea not to create a Large World. Although this function was in the Sims 3, the new platforms, such as consoles and smartphones, force the developers to lighten the game graphics and change its range of functions. It makes the Sims 5 a little bit simplified but more optimized for small devices.

Prepare Your driving License!

The Sims 5 characters will have a chance to drive a car and other vehicles. Developer team cannot feed anymore their gamers with excuses and promises. Therefore, they should invent a way of how to optimize driving the car and other vehicles in the Sims 5 for consoles and smartphones to work it properly. We believe many gamers will be glad to see this new-old function in their favorite game the Sims 5 which should definitely evoke a new spectrum of emotions and feelings.

Parents & Children

There was a lot of noise in the previous Sims 4 because of the developers' solution not to launch the final version of the game with the full opportunity packs. Gamers have few functions to manage their parenthood and toddlers. The new Sims 5 promises to be with all opened functions by the time of the official launching. Therefore, you may be calm and sure you should not wait for any free or pay expansion packs.

How Do You Look Like?

The Sims 4 had a lot of troubles and bugs with customization of the game characters. We felt the lack of choice. There were few options on face types, hair dress, height, weight, body constitution, race, etc. Even more, complaints were to the little clothes variety, personal accessories, and some special things such as piercing or tattoos. The Sims 5 will offer a high spectrum of options to customize your character to satisfy all your desires.Furthermore, developers are creating a new aging system that allows you to make your character as old as you want it to be. Thus, each character will look like an individual, and it will be easier to recognize him among others. 

The Sims & Play Station 4, Xbox One, Virtual Reality

One of the Sims 5 advantages is that it suits other platforms: Play Station 4, Xbox One, and Virtual Reality. “It will take a few months more and even can influence the Sims 5 release date”, says game producer Grant Rodiek. However, the producers and developers believe that they are going the right way and will engage new gamers in that way. 

Customers’ Opinion

Moreover, we have collected gamers’ desires on what the company should avoid in the Sims 5. Read and add something if you want. Here is the customers’ manifest.Developers should avoid any bugs and system errors. If it happens, they should provide the necessary updates as soon as it is possible. Also, many gamers vote against micro transactions. Please, pay attention to your customers` desires.

Nothing could be more irritating than waiting for the expansion packs a few days after launching date. Gamers highly appreciate your hard-working, and they are your fans. So, they want to get a full game without any pay per use functions. Please, satisfy their wishes and try not to make the Sims 5 on the "waiting days for unnecessary expansion packs."


The Sims 5 is a new product that may become more successful than its previous version, the Sims 4, for a one simple reason - the company uses polls and follows the new policy of satisfying their customers as much as it is possible. We hope all these new and fixed things will make the Sims 5 a new game that will satisfy both experienced and new gamers.

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