Easter As an Important Holiday
15 April, 2017

Easter As an Important Holiday

For all Christians of different parts of the world, Easter is the most significant holiday. On this day, Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead. This feast is a moveable one since it doesn’t fall on the same date every year. As a matter of fact, Christian churches in the Western part of the world are going to celebrate Easter on March 21. As soon as the full moon appears, the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection begins. Thus, Easter falls within the period from Match 22 to April 25. What is more, the Julian calendar is used to calculate the observance of Easter by Orthodox Christians. Those Christians that use the Gregorian calendar celebrate this holiday two weeks later than Western ones.

What did this religious holiday originate from? Frankly speaking, the origins of the feast remains unknown. However, there are some accounts admitting that the word "Easter" is somehow similar to the word "Eostre" – a goddess of spring as well as fertility. Other sources state that "Easte"r refers to one Latin term “hebdomadaalba.” In fact, this phrase means “white week.” It is closely connected to the Easter week in ancient times when baptized people wore the white clothing. With time, the term "esostarum" was used in Old High German due to an error in translation. The term "Easter" is used in English, Pascua - in Spanish name, and Paques - in French. It is considered that the above words originate from the Greek or Latin word "Pascha." Jesus first visited Jerusalem in order to celebrate the Passover and then he was crucified and resurrected. This is one of the Jewish festivals that commemorates the ancient exodus of the Israelites who were slaves in Egypt. Eventually, Pascha started to mean Easter.

In reality, Easter is not a single-day feast. Christian church observes it for a long period of time. The 40-day lent precedes Easter Sunday. It is a time when religious people reflect on the actual meaning of this holiday. They think about how Jesus spent 40 days in the desert preparing for his ministry. During this period, Jesus overcame different temptations that were imposed on him by the devil. The Holy Week is the week that precedes Easter and is observed as a commemoration to the last supper of Jesus Christ with his disciples. Another important part of the Easter season is Good Friday that was established to honor Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. Finally, Holy Saturday emphasizes the relation between two phenomena crucifixion and resurrection.

Many people use this holiday in their business goals. They sell plenty of different sweets related to Easer, for instance, Easter bunnies. One of the most interesting facts regarding Easter is that more than 90 million of Easter bunnies are made and sold every year!

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