Eagle Day
20 June, 2017

Eagle Day

Observed annually on the 20th of June, American Eagle Day is celebrated in the USA to honor a national symbol, share information about the importance of protecting the Bald Eagle, and participate in the recovery of this bird’s natural environment.

About the Bald Eagle

At the end of last century, the species was under the threat of extinction in the USA. Eventually, the population of this bird was recovered and on the 12th of July, 1995, the Bald Eagle was removed from the United States Federal Government’s List of Endangered Species and included to the List of Threatened Species. After 12 years, the species was withdrawn from this list as well.

This bird is most spread in Alaska, Canada, Northern Mexico, and the contiguous USA. The Bald Eagle can be usually found near the open water with a wealthy food supply and huge trees for nesting.

The species eat mainly fish snatching it from the water. The Eagles’ nests are the biggest nests of any bird in the North America and the biggest tree nests ever recorded.

The name of the species derives from an old meaning of “white headed”, as this bird is not bald really. Adult eagles are mainly brown with white heads and tails.

History and Celebration

President Bill Clinton first proclaimed the American Eagle Day in 1995. Since then, most American states have made it an official observance. In 2007, the US Senate has passed resolutions to mark the 20th of June as American Eagle Day. The organizer and sponsor of this day is American Eagle Foundation.

This day in America is an observance, so businesses, stores, and government offices are open.

On the American Eagle Day, conservation and educational organizations host events like lectures, workshops, and informational sessions to spread awareness about the importance of preserving and protecting this species.

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