Conquering Math Anxiety
10 May, 2017

Conquering Math Anxiety

Math can become a difficult discipline for some students, but this is totally workable. Here are our top 6 recommendations on how to overcome math anxiety:

  1. Remove test anxiety. Many people suppose that they have math anxiety, when in reality what they are afraid of are just math tests. As soon as people overcome their fear of tests, most of the time they become very good at math. There are some cool pages that will help you overcome it – Overcoming Test Anxiety and Math Test-Taking Skills.
  2. Manage anxiety. Maybe, you won’t be able to successfully eliminate math anxiety at first, but surely, you can learn to manage and decrease it to a certain degree. Learn basic meditation and breathing techniques that will help you reduce your anxiety in a couple of minutes when it arises.
  3. Positive attitude. In most cases, your math anxiety is just a bad habit pattern of your mind that you have made yourself believe in. Just as you have created a negative habit pattern of the mind, you can create a positive one. Develop a positive attitude towards this discipline and your skills. Little by little, diminish the negative self-talk, disempowering the beliefs that drain your energy and replacing them with positive ones. Every time you think about math, tell yourself that you have great skills and that you will reach your goal. You can use affirmations like:
  • I’m becoming more and more skillful in math;
  • I allow myself to be both relaxed and excited while doing math;
  • I’m confident of math.


Use the power of your imagination to deliberately reprogram your mental images. Visualization should be practiced in a state of deep relaxation. When you reach this state, just imagine the situations in which you reach your goal – it may be a math test or your presentation before the audience. Imagine an ideal picture and try to do this to the tiniest details. Once you can easily imagine this, it will become easier and easier to manifest this concept in real life.


You should know when your math performance is best in order to improve your achievement your maximum. Try to make an observation very attentively – you should mind such factors as food intake, the environment, the time of the day, the quantity of light, sound, temperature, etc.

Be an active learner

In order to achieve this, you should get actively involved in the learning process and avoid being passive, attend your class regularly, sit in the first row, take all the notes, and ask questions. Review your materials within 8 hours after the lecture to make sure that it is well-positioned in your memory. Also, study at least 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. To look more closely at how to get effective at math study skills, study the pages Reading a Math Textbook and Math Study Skills.

Everything is within your grasp. Take control over your condition RIGHT NOW.

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