Communicating with Professor You Do Not Like
27 September, 2017

Communicating with Professor You Do Not Like

Let me guess, you are supposed to attend a huge party tonight, but your professor has assigned another essay for tomorrow? Oh no, he wouldn’t dare! Anyway, that is his job (I mean assigning, not spoiling fun), but apart from that, there might be plenty of reasons why you do not fancy your professor. Maybe, he tends to mumble incomprehensibly during lectures or he doesn’t get your jokes. We will try to find out the core of this problem and fix it. Be careful! Having read this article, you might change your opinion about your professor and even befriend him or her.

Find out the reason behind your dislike 

It is highly possible that you dislike your professor for no sound reason. Such argument as “he wouldn’t give me an A” doesn’t count unless you are honest with yourself and sure that he is being unfair. So, first of all, you must make sure that your attitude is justified. If not, it’s not the professor who needs to change but you.

Take action

Once you have clarified thoughts in your head and made sure that you are judging objectively, it is high time to face the problem, namely, talk to your professor. Even if you think he or she will never be able to understand you, both of you pursue similar goals – you are to gain knowledge, and they are to share it. Thus, point out what aspects of your professor’s methodology do not work for you. It would be much better if you can find some like-minded classmates who can support your ideas so that the professor wouldn’t think it’s just your whim. This way, you can sufficiently improve the studying process and make it easier both for the class and the professor.

Be patient 

The worst thing you can do is to avoid the problem. Thus, playing truant may make you feel less stressed for some time, but you will have to face your professor sooner or later if you want to pass the course. Avoiding classes will only make things worse. Even if the classes are dull, and the chances are that you will never need the information in your life, there is still something to learn. You see, you might meet plenty of unpleasant people or will need to tackle boring tasks in future, and the sooner you learn to deal with that, the better.

During your students’ years, you might encounter some awkward customers, but the thing to bear in mind is that people tend to judge others according to their own expectations and sometimes prejudice. Thus, free your mind from the stereotypes about professors imposed by TV or senior students. Once you understand what drives people to act in the way they do, you will learn to build strong communication with the toughest people, even with your professors.

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