Columbus Day: Myth And Reality
8 October, 2017

Columbus Day: Myth And Reality

Americans have many holidays. However, Columbus Day is the most controversial and questionable one among the society! What is the reason? What is the real meaning of Columbus Day? What is the historical background of this feast? Find out, reading this article!

The history background

Americans celebrate Columbus Day on the 9th October yearly. Thus, they remember the day when Columbus opened America in 1492. However, this feast becomes more and more controversial each year. The reason - different explanation and perception of it. Journalist points out on such questions as the number of killed Native Americans, new diseases from Europe, Columbus' motives, etc. It causes that some of the states, for instance, California, Nevada, Hawaii, do not celebrate this feast. Paying attention to Columbus person and adverse historical facts lead to discord and contention of the American nation. Mainly the answer is in the past background of the feast. There were two unpleasant episodes at least. The first happened in 1890 when American soldiers killed a warrior Sioux, who did not comply with an order to throw weapons because he was deaf. It marked the end of Indian resistance. Many people today claim that these soldiers do not deserve a medal because they have done unfairly. The second took place in 1892 in New Orleans where three Italians went to prison for killing a police chief, and soon citizens had murdered them. It caused a lot of problems to Harrison to implement celebrating of Columbus Day next year. Therefore, it is so hard to be objective here. However, the real meaning of Columbus Day is not to remind all tragedies and problems, caused by Columbus' discovering of America. Vice versa! The main idea is to celebrate the day when Native and New Americans have met and united and started to create a new modern American nation, who refuses stereotypes and myths, and follow the rule of multinationalism, humanism, and tolerance.

Thus, forget about controversial questions about Columbus nationality, questionable military actions, etc. Columbus Day comes. Take a day off and celebrate it with your friends and relatives, being happy of that you have an opportunity to live in a great place, called America.

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