Christmas Decorations Packing
24 December, 2017

Christmas Decorations Packing

When the holidays end and you need to return to normal everyday life, you usually face quite a difficult task. You have to pack and hide all the Christmas decorations. At first glance, it seems very boring, especially when you are still inspired by the holidays and the Christmas mood does not want to leave you. However, in fact you can really make it quickly and easily enjoying it. Here are a few tips for you.

How to Pack Decorations Easily

Be Motivated

The main thing in any business is motivation and positive attitude. Prepare for this task in advance and reschedule all meetings, because this process can take a long time. Only truly believing in it, you will succeed. Make a cup of coffee for you, calm down and only then you can start working.

Find Suitable Containers

Keep Christmas decorations in large and comfortable containers, for example in boxes. It is desirable that they are made of plastic, as this is a very light and wear-resistant material. The main thing is that the box or other container should not be too big and heavy. In this case, it will be inconvenient to pack and carry ornaments.

Divide Your House into Zones

If you are a conservative person and usually decorate your house in the same way, divide your house into several zones. Collect ornaments from one area in a separate container. This method will help you easily find the necessary decorations next year and not to come up with an idea of new design for a long time.

Store Ribbons in Reels

Very often ribbons become tangled and spoiled, so they cannot be used as decorations again. Wind the tapes on the reels and only then hide them in the box. If you do not have such coils, you can make them from a cardboard roll from the toilet paper.

Wash Fabric Decorations

All items made of cloth should be washed and you have to make sure that they are dry. Stains can appear on a damp thing, which lies for a long time hidden in a box.

Protect Fragile Ornaments

It is better to keep the original packaging from fragile ornaments. However, even if it is lost, make sure that such things are securely packed. Use bubble wrap and old wrappers from gifts.

Take Down Street Christmas Lights

This is a rather difficult task. Do it very carefully and do not hurry. Make sure that the garlands are not entangled. Begin from above, and end with lower lights. However, if you are not very confident in your abilities, it is better to leave it to specialists. Many services are engaged in dismantling of Christmas decorations – they will do it quickly and reliably.

Do not Let the Lights Get Entangled

Christmas lights that people usually use to decorate the fir tree and walls in the house can be very often entangled and spoiled. Always store them separately. It is unsafe to store these ornaments incorrectly, because bent electrical wire can cause a fire.

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