Child Health Day
2 October, 2017

Child Health Day

The next Child Health Day is celebrated on the 2nd of October, 2017. Child Health Day is always celebrated on October’s first Monday and signifies the importance of children’s wellbeing across all the United States.  


The President addresses all organizations that participate in children’s wellbeing and all governmental agencies so that they all engage in joint activities to improve the health of children and bring more awareness about this issue into the public consciousness. Answering president’s call healthcare organizations organize and support events that serve to accomplish abovementioned missions. While not being a national holiday Child Health Day is an important day because it brings attention to children’s health and well-being.   


First time Child Health Day was celebrated in 1928. Back then President Calvin Coolidge announced that it should be celebrated on the 1st of May, but later it was changed to the first Monday of October. Today, one of the most disturbing issues facing the children in the United States today is overweight and many of Child Health Day events are dedicated to addressing it along with other important healthcare issues that children are facing today.

Why Celebrate Child Health Day?

Some people think that health and well-being of children should be a concern of their parents. Firstly, not all children have parents, secondly, health and welfare of children should be a priority of every person because children are our future. If we want to have a healthy nation, if we want to be safe and happy, we should invest more of our time and money in our children today.

Five ways make a difference on Child Health Day:

  1. Address Annie E. Casey Foundation’s to find out more about the well-being of children in your state. When you know the status of healthcare, community and education in your state, you get conscious about the areas that require your contribution the most.
  2. Go to the local youth center to volunteer. There are a lot of communities that enrich children’s lives greatly and you can join them in their mission and help youth to thrive. Such centers require positive role models, so if you can become one it will be of great benefit for children.
  3. Help children make healthier choices. As we wrote, overweight is a major problem of America’s children, therefore you can talk to your children about it and teach them to eat healthy. Tell them about the importance of exercise and healthy eating (lots of fruits and vegetables) so that they start leading a healthy lifestyle early in their life.
  4. Help to clean the environment. There are a lot of options that you can choose from – walking path, park, lake or any other place where you feel you can contribute. Cleaner environment means safer environment and that’s very important for children.
  5. Support children’s charity. You can use this day to support organizations that are specialized in promoting children’s welfare. For instance, you can go to the local Make-A-Wish and see what kind of donations they accept.

Never forget that children are our future.

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