Carl Garner Day of Cleaning
8 September, 2017

Carl Garner Day of Cleaning

You are living in the society that requires comfort but wants to do nothing instead. Constant claims and complaints turn people into unappreciative beings who require help and do not do anything in return. Luckily, not the entire society is the same – there are people who devote themselves to others and to the environment as well. And even though, such people do really small things for surroundings (cleaning) they still do their best and fortunately motivate their close ones and other random people. Even government decided to commemorate the fame of the most prominent people of this sphere and thus created a Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleaning holiday.

Cleaning the Territory of the USA

One of the peculiar features of this day is that all the volunteers take part in a common cleanup that includes all classes of living. Moreover, there are other activities during the day that concern project on beautification, garbage picking-up, walking past gardening, infrastructure maintenance, and simply clean lifestyle promotion.

History of creation

The origin of the holiday dates back to the end of 20th century and is entitled after Carl Garner. This engineer from Arkansas managed to organize massive cleaning activities in the end of 80s that soon grew up into a tradition. That was a new activity for that time, as no one could ever think about cleaning the territories not owned by anyone. Mr. Garner turned this thought upside down and succeeded in his activity unbelievably positively. Soon after that, in 1985, the day was made an official holiday, with signing the Federal Lands Cleanup Act. Carl Garner managed to achieve a lot for such a short time being driven by his inspiration.

Places of cleaning

Perhaps you have never wanted to clean your neighbor’s territory, however, what if it belongs to the government. More than a quarter of all the land in the United States belongs is federal, that mean government is responsible for it. Among the biggest owners, there are such organizations as the National Park Service, The Bureau of Land Management, the Bureau of Indian Affairs and other establishments. Each of them is obliged to look after owned territory, however, it is almost impossible to clean so huge areas by one organization. Therefore, they look for volunteers that would help to maintain certain place clean, not requesting money for their services. What they get is much communication, a lot of fun and of course several bonuses from their administrative organizations.

Day of honor

All the action is taken place on September, 9 each year. During this day people not only do the manual job of gathering litter, cleaning waters and gardening the area but many other enjoyable activities as well. There are several festivals, concerts, meetings with authorities organized by the same volunteers. You may ask why people do this for free, sacrificing their time and efforts to do the job that must have been done by someone else. The answer is that they love their country as much as Carl Garner loved and established this unbelievably joyful and beneficial tradition.

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