Calming Down Before Test or Presentation
24 May, 2017

Calming Down Before Test or Presentation

You have probably experienced stress before an important test or presentation. Actually, anxiety before a significant day is common among students. Although this feeling is normal, it is necessary to keep it under control, so that it does not prevent you from passing the test or presentation successfully. Here are 3 important pieces of advice that will help you to perform your best.

Stop avoiding it. Attack it sharply instead

Many students experience stress when they simply think about the upcoming test or presentation. As a result, they avoid revising and preparing before the important event. Unfortunately, it will not make it easier if you postpone test or presentation preparation until the last moment. In return, the situation where you need to do many things within short time will make you even more stressed. So, if you decided to study and revise for a test or presentation at full capacity, you are ready to move to the next stage.

Practice in advance

The vital aim of practicing is to learn the test or presentation material so well that it practically becomes your second nature. Once you can reproduce the material without much thought, it will be easy to repeat the same during the test or presentation. If you are having a test shortly, it is advisable to create your own practice test. This way you will find out the concepts that you know well and those that need to be studied. You may also use these resources in addition to your own practice tests:

  • Questions in the end of a chapter;
  • Quizlet;
  • Study guide given by your professor.

Prepare using practice tests until you get the result you are completely satisfied with. This will help you to remember the material better and boost your confidence in successful outcome. In case you need to prepare before presentation, read it aloud many times. You may also try to present it to a random listener, even to your dog! If you are allowed to use flashcards during the presentation, create them in advance.


Try to relax right before the time for the test or presentation comes and take several deep breaths. Remember that you have prepared well and let your mind reproduce the material. If you feel that you have forgotten something, take a pause, breathe in slowly and try to remember it. Do not panic! Stay focused on the task and you will pass your test or presentation with flying colors!

Tests and important presentations are often nerve consuming, but you should always remember that anxiety only prevents you from getting high grades. Prepare well and calm yourself down using breathing exercises to show the best of your abilities during the test or presentation.

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