Between Your College Classes: To-Do List
26 May, 2016

Between Your College Classes: To-Do List

We all dream of a perfect schedule: couple classes, extracurriculars, coffee with a friend or a Netflix date. Sounds great, right? However reality is crueler. So it often happens you have an hour or two somewhere around lunchtime and you need some kind of activity.

So we came up with a list of things to spend your time on, in order to make the best of it.

#1 The most obvious choice is to take a nap. Library, park or even backseat of your car. Make sure you set your timer to less than 30 minutes (it can be even 7-10 min). Such power naps can be extremely beneficial during the week of finals.

#2 Go to gym. If you have a plenty of time, you can always visit gym (if you are lucky enough to have it on campus) or somewhere near university.

#3 Netflix. Yeah, I know that is an obvious choice, buuuuuuut this is so tempting to watch and episode or two. BTW, what are you watching right now? I badly need something new to watch between Stitchers and House of Lies. Leave your comment below!

#4 Start exploring your campus. During my sophomore year, I had my classes split into chunks, so I had plenty of time to stroll around campus. Have you ever wondered if your campus sells coffee? Or where you can spend an hour or two between classes?

#5 Office hours. Let’s be honest, we all visit professors only before the finals. Guilty am I. However, we all realize that visiting your professors at regular office hours can help you establish great relationship and make sure your attitude won’t affect your grades.

#6 Get a job. Sounds weird, but this may be really helpful if you have a college loan, or would like to add something to your CV. We are going to make a list of on-campus jobs you can find useful, or you may contact a career center at your college/university.

#7 De-clutter your mail. Even though this is not my #1 choice, checking your mail on regular basis may save you tons of time and nerves. It will also help you stay on top of all news and make sure your assignments are up to date.

#8 Shopping. If you have enough time, going to nearest mall for grocery shopping or buying some essentials you ran out of may be a really good idea.

#9 Do your laundry. Yeah-yeah, we all hate it so much, that it seems almost impossible to force yourself into doing that. But, what time can be better than in between MFL and Science.

#10 Eat. Nutritionists say it is important to keep eating routine, as this reflects both your physical and mental health. No need to say that starving yourself to death is a very bad idea!

#11 Do homework. I know this seems boring, but having your homework done, by the time you heading off to campus sounds tempting. You’ll have time to hang out, or have a date, or even have extra sleep.

This are my things to do in between your classes. Do you have anything to add? Comment below!

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