Best Reading Tips: The Best Gadgets for Book Lovers
9 February, 2017

Best Reading Tips: The Best Gadgets for Book Lovers

Even though the attention of masses has shifted from reading the masterpieces of world literature to reading nonsense from social networks, many people still remain loyal to the amazing feeling that reading a real book endows. Still, there are book lovers who consistently replenish their shelves with new books. In case you are one of them, or you have friends or relatives who are book lovers, this article will be of great interest. Why? Because it offers a list of modern gadgets and book-inspired presents that will make any book lover happy. Not many people know about all these things, so owning such items will surely make your reading experience better than ever before. Make sure to read till the end of the article to see the complete list of gadgets created for book lovers.

Top 10 Gadgets for Reading

  1. Hardback Book Lamp by Typewriter Boneyard: can you imagine a more creative way to deal with old books? It is one of the gifts for avid readers that cannot leave a person indifferent. 
  2. Booksi Dock : A charging dock in a form of the book. What else could you ask for? This is an ideal charging device for any book lover. You can choose any book you like, why not to pick your favorite one?
  3. 3000 Classic Books: 3000 classic books is a big library! 20 years ago, it would take a couple of huge rooms to accommodate that impressive quantity of books. Now they are in one little USB device. Just plug it in your PC and pick the book you like! Having this magic thing, you will always have a classic masterpiece to enjoy.
  4. Biddeford Heated Velour Chevron Electric Blanket: Another thing, which was difficult to imagine twenty years ago. However unrealistic it was back then, now we have it to help you feel cozy while reading a book in cold days.
  5. Klevercase Book Cover for Kindle: will make your Kindle look like a real book.
  6. Mini Lumio+: Now that is a smart thing! You can use it to read on the move and by using it your phone will get charged. Is not it cool? 
  7. Bamboo Bathtub Caddy: Take a bath, drink some wine, put a candle and read your favorite book. This thing was made to make it happen.
  8. The Point and Click Dictionary: It may be pricy, but it is a worthwhile gadget. It takes moments to show you the requested definition. That gadget can also translate words into some languages. 
  9. Oraton Rubber Stamps Library Embosser: It will give your books a mark saying who they belong to.
  10. Nap Massaging Bed Rest: It may be one of the must-have gadgets for book lovers who like coziness. A book light, a cup holder and a massager – all in one. Wow! That is an ideal thing.

Do you feel the urge to go shopping now? 

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