Best First-Person Shooters Ever
13 March, 2019

Best First-Person Shooters Ever

What could be better than playing some games with your friends? Today, we have a wide range of different games for PC, Xbox, Smartphone, PlayStation, etc. However, it becomes more and more popular to play the best single player games recently appeared, mainly so-called shooters. It is not a secret that all shooter games are based on the Fancy pants adventures game group. Gamers state that every single day shooters become more and more varied with a wide range of new options, weapons, techniques, landscapes and maps, weather conditions, tasks and goals, strategical and tactical military ideas, etc. They allow making each minute of playing close to the reality of the military events, which is for sure highly appreciated by professional gamers and shooter fans. Although we highly encourage you to view the list of the best single player games, you may also play all these games with your friends online, make own teams, carry each other orders, and win local battles and world wars.


Top of the Best Single Player Games to Make Your Life More Colorful

  • Doom

Doom is the first among the best single player PC games, which you may also play on your PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The pros of this game are that it is attractive, unpredictable and easy-going at the same time. An unusual plot and location, a game idea, a wide range of characters and weapons, which you may see there, make this game a unique and recognizable one among other shooters. Dynamic battles and fighting do not make you feel bored. The main hero tries to survive against the aliens. Although you should fight all aliens and save your planet, those aliens cannot allow you to die. How is it possible? Download one of the best single player games and discover a world of demons, aliens, and Martians.

  • Playerunknown's battlegrounds (mobile)

One of the best single player games on Android and iOS – so-called PUBG Mobile. The main advantages of this game are that you can play it on both your PC and Smartphone. It is very comfortable since you can play it almost wherever and whenever you want. You will be pleased with a variety of hot buttons, hidden tricks, and other customized options and settings. Although it is a phone game, gamers are satisfied with the quality of graphic, sound, and speed. One more thing makes this game pretty good for team players. It has a module of voice and written chat between online teams. Thus, there is no necessity to use your PC when you want to play online with your friends and achieve new goals.

  • Call to Arms

Call to Arms is one more first-person shooter among the best single player PC games. It has a lot of similarities with the game-series Men of War. Gamers also point out that the game core is close to the popular Call of Duty. Although there are a lot of common features between them, this shooter has its own peculiarities. Firstly, it is not a fantasy; it is closer to real events, based on using modern and real-life military weapons, strategies, tactics, and missions. One more peculiar feature is that you cannot destroy game objects and buildings if it was not programmed before. Of course, some people believe it is a great advantage, while others consider it as a strong drawback. Try this best single player PC game to give your own feedback.

  • Bulletstorm

Bulletstorm is one of the best Xbox One shooter games. Also, you may play it on PC, PS, etc. The events take place in the far future, in the 26th century where the main hero pirate Grayson Hunt and his friends try to escape and survive. What makes this first-person shooter different? First of all, it is on the list of the best single player games because of its attractive, mysterious, and somewhere complicated game plot. However, experienced gamers like this because it challenges them and they are fond of getting out of different troubles. One more thing makes it one of the best Xbox One shooter games - well-designed interface and graphics which make this first-person shooter light, modern and customized enough for different devices. Its fans are also thankful for in time fixing of bugs, adding new options, map and weapon updating. Want to try something new? Choose this one, and you will not regret it.

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

It is not only one of the best single player PC games but probably also one of the most popular first-person shooters all over the world. The main idea of this version of counter-strike is similar to the game core of the previous game group.  For sure, you know that it is so popular because of many reasons. The opportunity to play with other teams online makes this game not only one of the best single player PC games but also one of the best team shooters nowadays. A lot of different maps, weapons, commands, locations, and goals definitely will not make you feel bored or sleepy. Customized interface and the possibility of changing and purchasing new weapons every time you start a new circle attract thousands of newcomers every year. A wide range of internal options of game modes is also the advantage of this first-person shooter that makes it one of the best single player PC games.

  • Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty was considered one of the best single player PC games and one of the best-selling games at the same time. It has deep historical roots and is based on the true events of World War II. This fact attracts a lot of history fans who want to imagine that time through well-designed depicturing of those historical events. Still, you will have a chance to pick up a lot of things: weapons, maps, characters, game modes, etc. It also provides you with a wide range of old and modern weapons, different fiction and non-fiction characters. One more peculiar feature - you can test all new updates concerning weapons, maps, characters in so-called social space. It gives you a chance to hang out with other gamers, discuss some game-winning strategies, tips and tricks. All these things make this first-person shooter not only one of the best single player games but also a well-thought depicturing of the World War II events. Furthermore, it is not just a game full of customized options but a real historical world.

  • Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is a mix of the first-person shooter and action-adventure and is one of the best single player PC games of 2018 at the same time. The fiction world of the confrontation includes different maps, open spaces, and buildings where all characters can move around. One more peculiar feature - you can create your character by yourself picking him up a color of skin, race, sex, height, weight, etc. Many gamers like to have a unique character, and Far Cry 5 can satisfy them. Besides, there is a wide range of different weapons, guns, rockets, explosives, etc. A made world allows you to domesticate wild animals and use them in fighting against your enemies. Furthermore, it is one of the best single player games because of a great number of game modes that keep gamers interested and passionate about playing. Last but not least, you can also play it in PS4, Xbox One and many gamers believe it is also one of the best Xbox One shooter games.

  • Battlefield 1

Our list of the best single player games includes Battlefield 1, which is also one of the best single player PC game. It provides you with two game modes - single-player and multi-player, which means you can fight as one person or as many different characters during World War I. Some gamers consider it as an advantage, while others complain about the lack of experience and deepness in a multi-player mode. However, this game is definitely worth playing. Check it yourself and let us know whether Battlefield 1 can be called one of the best single player PC games.

  • Paladins: Champions of the Realm

It is the first heroic shooter in our list of the best single player games. It includes a great variety of characters, approximately 34, each of whom leads you in a particular mode of a game: "flank line," "front line," "attack," "support." Gamers highly appreciate a chance to use free trial champion characters during two weeks to make a final decision whether they want to buy those characters or play this game at all. Experts believe it is not a typical shooter; it is some kind of a mix that makes this first-person shooter worth to be one of the best single player games.

  • Wolfenstein: The New Colossus

It is a year old first-person shooter dedicated to the World War II events where the main character is a made-up American soldier BJ Blazkowicz. He acts as the prisoner behind Nazi lines or as the agent with a secret mission. What makes it one of the best single player games? The fact is that the period of World War II is so attractive and so full of different exciting events that even history or shooter haters cannot be against this game. Therefore, many consider Wolfenstein: The New Colossus to be the best first-person shooter among the best single player PC games. Check it and let us know!

Have a lot of fun! Good luck!

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