Balancing Work and School
3 November, 2016

Balancing Work and School

You may find yourself in a situation when you desperately need extra money. As a college student, you definitely want to buy some nice clothes, go to the movie theater, attend a concert, go to the pub at least once a week, etc. Therefore, you may think about working part-time. How to know which job to choose and when to stop? Here are some of the tips I find useful for any college student.

Make sure you can cope with it

If you have problems with time management and can hardly cope with your studying, think twice before starting to work. At least, wait until you have some holidays or vacations. Believe me, it won’t bring you any good if you are on the verge of a nervous breakdown all the time.

Wisely schedule your classes

Make sure you do not have many gaps throughout the week. In this case, you won’t be productive and you will waste much valuable time. I recommend you to schedule your classes for the morning and have the rest of the day free for any planned activities.

Try working on campus

Although the range of jobs is always limited, you will get invaluable working experience. In particular, you may try being a private tutor (but it will only work out if you have excellent academic performance), work in admission office or a financial aid office.

Make the most of weekends and seasonal times

If you want to manage your time wisely and make it as productive as only possible, do not spend time going out and about but try applying for some job openings.

Work in your field

Sometimes it may seem a real challenge to find a job at least somehow connected with your major. However, you need to begin somewhere and gain experience for your future job. Such an opportunity will help you approach your career goals. Do not be demotivated because you lack some working experience – we all started somewhere and were novices. Therefore, don’t be shy and never underestimate yourself!

Know the right time to stop

The best job advice that you might ever hear – never sacrifice your health and personal well-being to a job. It may be hard and challenging to juggle several tasks at once, so make sure you do not burn out. Try to find a balance between your personal life, studying, and work.

As you might have already seen, balancing studying and work can be a bit challenging though it is possible. Hope these tips proved to be useful for you. If you are still hesitating what to do with your life, take a break and weigh all pros and cons. Good luck with that!

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