7 Fun Ways to Spend Your Weekends in College
19 July, 2017

7 Fun Ways to Spend Your Weekends in College

Despite the popular opinion, going out is not the be-all and end-all of college experience. Sure, partying is fun, but it can take away the time better spent on more exciting things. Laidback days with friends are just as important as dancing and drinking the night away. Here are a couple of great ideas to try while in college.

1. Organize a Bake-Off

My dorm had only one kitchen that you had to book in advance, so my friends and I always got together to prepare food for the week. We listened to music, chatted, and ate loads of delicious things. This is a chance to both impress everyone with your Pinterest worthy dishes and show how well you can bake box mix cupcakes.

2. Work Out with Your Friends

Yes, most dorm have gym facilities of one type or another. They might not be of the best variety, but that hardly matters if you go there with friends. Training devices are hardly ever used on weekends, so if you’re a bit shy, it is the best time to take advantage of privacy. Exercise will help you look better, feel better, and alleviate some of the stress every student struggles with.

3. A Spa & Beauty Night

It does not have to be an expensive stay in some special out of town resort. Though, if you can afford it, more power to you! The rest of us can buy some facemasks from Freeman, paint nails, and gossip like school girls during a sleepover. Everyone deserves a little pampering, especially stressed out students.

4. Board Games

Board games are appreciated by both guys and girls. Most RAs have a collection, so you don’t have to spend any money on them. A night of Clue or Risk is a great fun, and if you feel like spicing up things a bit, you can always try Cards Against Humanity. It is hilarious!

5. YouTube

People like sharing funny videos. Why not spend an evening showing each other your favorite YouTube creators in real life instead of online. In addition, if you’ve already typed in all the funny clips you can think of, just search for a playlist and laughs will be guaranteed.

6. Netflix Party

Binging a series is so much more fun with a company. Put on some PJs, microwave enough popcorn for everyone, and indulge in whatever comedy or drama people are obsessed with nowadays. You can also try watching some comfort movies like Princess Bride or High School Musical. They never fail to entertain.

7. Go to an On-Campus Event

You pay a school activities fee for a reason. Colleges organize so many free events; it’s a shame not to take advantage of them. Bingo, movies, lectures, stand up nights – there’s something for everyone. Check out your bulletin board or campus calendar and choose something that looks interesting. If it sucks, you can always leave early.

College is the best time to have fun, so try these creative ideas soon!

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