7 Bad Habits to Get Rid of and Increase Productivity
8 September, 2016

7 Bad Habits to Get Rid of and Increase Productivity

Procrastination is an annoying thing – it comes and goes without any warning ruining your day and plans on its way. However, procrastination can be prevented when you know the reasons for its appearance in the first place. One of them lies in bad habits. Here are seven worst habits that can kill your productivity.

Surfing the Internet for no Reason

Studies show that it takes around 15 minutes to focus completely on the work you’re doing. After that, you fall into the state of a flow that means you are not likely to be distracted. However, the 15 minutes that precede the flow are the most tempting ones when you are prone to getting distracted. Checking Tweeter or Tumblr won’t bring you any good but only add 15 more minutes to get your head into work.


Writers are very familiar with the difficulty to start writing. Physiologists say the reason is that we subconsciously avoid spoiling a clean white sheet of paper when our ideas are not honed to perfection. The trick is to just start writing. You can easily edit later, and a bad page is better than no page.

Answering E-mails Immediately

To improve productivity, don’t let e-mails distract you. Checking your e-mail box obsessively, you will waste precious time and won’t get anything done. Instead, dedicate a set time for this purpose and stick to this schedule. You can also benefit from prioritizing the most important letters and leaving the rest for later.

Snooze Button

The temptation to get those five extra minutes is hard to resist, but believe it or not, they won’t change anything or make you feel more rested. Moreover, they will ruin a few early hours of your day because falling asleep after your first awakening will make you more tired and grumpy. So, when the time comes, face the reality and leave your bed.

The Harder the Later

Putting off difficult work for the evening is never going to work because your energy level decreases by the end of the day. However intimidating a task might seem, tackle it the first thing in the morning. Not only will it leave easier work for the end of the day, but will also make you feel accomplished.

Laptop in Bed

Comfortable though it may be, don’t bring electronics into your bed because you might not be able to fall asleep later. The blue light emitted from screens harms your sleep pattern since it stops your body from production of sleep-inducing melatonin. As the result, a bad night sleep and, hence, low productivity.

Too much sugar

Though sugar is essential for boosting your productivity, too much of it can boost you to the point of losing your concentration. The perfect quantity is 25 grams. However, chose wisely how you get it into your system – refined sugar will give you only 20 minutes of energy while natural food will keep your attention from wavering for a long time.

These productivity tips may seem obvious, but they work. Keeping your routine under control is hard, but it all comes down to paying attention to your bad habits. Break them and you’ll always stay on top of your life.  

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