6 Ways How to Improve Your Mood
15 November, 2017

6 Ways How to Improve Your Mood

Everyone can occasionally fall into a slump of a bad mood. Our attention drifts away from important tasks, we feel unproductive and eventually start pitying ourselves. There are two major approaches to this condition - accept it or fight it.


6 tips how you can overcome bad mood

  • Exercise

Stretching your muscles and moving your body leads to an increased level of endorphins in your blood. So, in such cases, your mood is boosted by simple chemical reactions. Working out is a great way to make you feel better, because this activity makes you focus on the present moment. Not only is it good for your mood, but your body will be grateful as well.

  • Take a nap

In any unclear situation, go to sleep. This sounds a bit too drastic, but it’s obvious that a short sleep can make you feel a lot fresher and at ease. However, pay attention that we mention a short nap and not an 8-hour long hibernation. Even twenty minutes is enough to help you recharge your batteries. You never know, maybe during this short break you’ll dream of some groundbreaking ideas.

  • Listen to cheerful music

Many people make the mistake of listening to depressing music when they are sad. Yes, it might perfectly reflect your mood, but you’re just making matters worse by brining yourself down. Do the opposite and turn on something positive and upbeat. You won’t even notice when you begin nodding to the beat and humming to cheerful lyrics.

  • Take a tea/coffee break

If you´re feeling that work or studying is beginning to suck you in, leave your desk and go drink your favorite beverage. It’s not a coincidence that all meetings and conferences always include coffee breaks. Taking a moment to switch from work to the aroma and taste of freshly brewed coffee is guaranteed to boost your mood and give you a new load of energy.

  • Talk to people

You don’t have to bear the weight of the whole world on your shoulders. The burden of any problem becomes less daunting if you share it with people you trust. Feeling emotional support, getting advice and understanding that you’re not alone is bound to make you feel better even in the worst case scenarios.

  • Change your activity

Very often, we feel down because of boring activities that consume a lot of our energy. In this cases, you need to switch your attention to something completely different and ideally enjoyable. Eventually, you’ll have to return to your initial task, but after a break you’ll enrich yourself with enough energy to complete it.

Our mood doesn’t define us, but we define our mood. Avoid giving in to the Poor Old Me syndrome and take actions to make yourself live your life to the fullest.

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