6 Main Things How to Write Resume for College
5 July, 2017

6 Main Things How to Write Resume for College

Most high school students don’t think they’ll have to deal with resumes until they graduate. However, a CV can be a useful tool that will introduce an applicant to his/her college of choice in the best light possible. You can add a lot of information at once, such as hobbies, accomplishments, and obviously work history. Here is a list of things to pay attention to when crafting a high school resume.

Clarity should be your main guideline

There are other ways you can demonstrate your prowess as a writer. Keep your resume short and concise. If it is over two pages long, you’ve done something wrong. Think about what will impress colleges rather than listing all information about yourself indiscriminately. Admissions commissions are busy, so if they don’t grasp what you are trying to convey at once, they just move on.

Demonstrate that you commit to the things you do

Colleges look for dedicated and passionate people to include in their ranks. Even if you are an impressively able multitasker, try to play up two or three things you feel really strongly about instead of listing twenty. Your activities should impress the admissions office and showcase the type of person you are. If you don’t have many after school activities, do not despair. List any interest or even a job to prove how committed you are.

Don’t use general statements

There are many people who will have the same activities and accomplishments as you. In order to stand out, you should add more relevant details to your resume. Don’t just write that you are in the French Club. Think about your contributions, role, and the time spent. If you can think about any stand-out experiences that are easy to convey, focus on them.

Add new information

There are a lot of things that need writing and filling out when you are applying for college. You need to write essays, give short answers, and communicate with a member of the admissions board during an interview. Use your resume as a chance to list anything that might not have been mentioned in any of the other materials. Just make sure it’s something that works in your favor.

Pay attention to formatting

Think of your resume as a representation of yourself. If it is clean looking, orderly, and attractive, people will think the same of you. Don’t let it become a mess of fonts with no system of organization or evidence of spell-check. Download the templates available online if needed and make sure to proofread.

Be honest

Showcase yourself and dwell on what you’ve accomplished as much as possible. Just remember that colleges are good at spotting inconsistencies and verifying information.

Spend some time on preparing a good resume. It can be used as a reference when filling out forms, requesting recommendation letters, and during the application process itself. Good luck in college!

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