5 Ways to Cope with Negativity in People
13 April, 2017

5 Ways to Cope with Negativity in People

Whether it is a moody co-worker or a distant relative who always ruins family reunions, we all come across negative people sooner or later. Here are a few pieces of advice on how not to let such people bring you down.

Do not Join the Ranks Yourself

This advice might be obvious; but if you do not want negative people to spoil your life, do not be one yourself. How to determine whether you have this undermining feature? Think about how you perceive all events in your life. If you always focus on unpleasant aspects of everything, I have bad news for you. Negative people tend to dwell on even small things that are off, they often do not even need a reason to develop this attitude – it is their automatic reaction.

Do not Surround Yourself with Negativity

It might be hard to distance yourself from some people, but try to do it if they are thwarting your normal life with their negativism. Scientists proved that being surrounded with bad energy has an adverse effect on your well-being. So, try to spend as little time as possible with people who create such environment around them.

Explain the Situation

Many negative people do not realize they are acting in a way detrimental for their mental health before someone else points it out. Try to have a calm and peaceful conversation where you casually explain them how their behavior is affecting them and others. Getting annoyed will only make the matters worse and will not solve this problem.

Know the Limits

Many people have a number of topics that will invariably set them off. Avoiding these topics will save you and them a lot of trouble. Among them, the most popular are religion and politics. So, if you are a liberal feminist who has a conservative old-fashioned uncle, do not start discussing your points of view during the Thanksgiving dinner.

Bring in Positivity

When a negative person is in the center of attention, it might be a good idea to think about something positive to say. Wait until they stop talking and make a light-hearted remark pointing out something good in the situation discussed or change the topic into something less triggering. It will shift the mood and distract everyone from negativity.

Do not Deal with It

It might seem as an easy way out but in some serious cases when the mentioned above tips do not help, it is in your interest to leave the room and save yourself from toxic environment. You do not have to make a scene, just calmly leave the place and take some time to bring back your inner peace. Do not let unreasonable negativity of other people make you lose control.

Dealing with negative people can be exhausting. Remember that negativity is contagious and it can slowly seep into your system. Do not let it determine your outlook and relationships with the world.

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