5 Quick Methods to Save Money for Christmas
22 December, 2016

5 Quick Methods to Save Money for Christmas

There are only a couple of weeks left before Christmas and you have to buy a lot of presents for your relatives and friends. If you have not accumulated the needed sum yet, here are several useful methods that will help you to save money before holidays. Use these last minute tips to economize and make your close people happy with your presents. 

This is how you can save money to buy Christmas gifts:

Buy gift cards every week
This brilliant option will help you to save a lot of money for Christmas presents. It is advisable to buy at least one gift card every time you visit a store. Later, you will be able to spend money on holiday shopping. You will be surprised how much money you will save using this method. For example, I bought $20 gift cards every week and ended up having $160 on my deposit before Christmas.

Use the benefits of signup bonus
There are many banks that offer signup bonus when you open an account. For instance, Capital One promotes $50 bonus if you open at least $250 Checking and Savings account and make 3 purchases with your debit card within 45 days. Basically, you get spare money for nothing. So, use this opportunity to the fullest!

Retrieve credit card rewards
Credit card holders often forget to check the amount of rewards they have on their balance even if it is seen on their bank statement in bold. Personally, I was deeply surprised to find out that I accumulated $100 credit rewards this year. Although, the bonuses can be released in different ways, I prefer to deposit them into the savings account to get the money faster.

Develop $5 savings plan
If you prefer using cash, this will be the easiest way to save money before Christmas. Check your wallet and if you find a $5 bill, put it into a piggy bank. Congratulations! You’ve just started to save money for holidays. Do it every time you get $5 bill and you will be able to accumulate a big sum to spend on Christmas presents.

Sell your stuff
Check your drawers and you will probably find a lot of unnecessary stuff that can be sold to earn considerable profit. You may also sell old electronics, furniture, appliances, books, etc. 
These tips will help you save extra money before holidays. Spend money on presents for your close people and they will certainly appreciate your care and attention.

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