5 Lessons I Learned In College (The Hard Way)
15 December, 2016

5 Lessons I Learned In College (The Hard Way)

College is all about love, friendship, finances, finding ways to live (and survive) without your parents, and learning about the life itself. Certainly, we often learn all these lessons the hard way. Here is what I learned from my own experience.

My 5 lessons learned in college (the hard way)

  1. You Don’t Have to Keep Toxic People Around. In high school, we have to please others and make people like us, often having to keep toxic people in our lives for a long time. When we go to college, we come to an understanding that if our relationship with a friend or a high school group is emotionally abusive and depressing, we need to make a decision. And this decision can be about cutting the lines and breaking this relationship for the sake of ourselves and our mental health.
  2. Your Refund Check Really Isn’t a Refund. Be smart about your refund check (the money you get back from student loans after tuition) as it can become a trap. From my experience, I received the full amount I needed only a few times and, eventually, nearly doubled the amount of the load debt. Don’t repeat my mistake and don’t take out too much money, only take what you need for books and tuition. A new wardrobe can wait.
  3. Your Roommates Can Be Your Best Friend or Worst Nightmare. Out of my six roommates, two were god awful, one became my friend who saved me multiple times from myself, and others were just random people with whom I share one of the best college memories. What I learnt from my experience with all these people is that you should remember that you share a dwelling with them, so always be polite.
  4. You Should Actually Pay Attention in Class. Since you’re most likely paying for college, do your best to get something out of it in return. I could have improved my grades considerably if only I had managed to leave Pinterest and take notes. Hence, unplug yourself and pay attention.
  5. You Don’t Need to Give Your Number to Every Guy that Asks. Do you really consider that giving your phone number to a guy for a shot is a good idea? I’m telling you, it’s not. Avoid the trouble – that shot isn’t worth it. And, most likely, you won’t even like that guy sober. If you doubt, see what your friends think about giving him your number. They should help you with that.

I hope that sharing my experience will help some of you avoid making my mistakes, or at least, think twice beforehand. And what about your experience? Have you learnt any other lessons in college the hard way?

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