Awesome 2020 Video Games Releases
20 November, 2019

Awesome 2020 Video Games Releases

A little bit patience and you will be able to enjoy 2020 video games releases! The process of creating games is multi-staged, lengthy, and rather complex. It can take even several years to prepare a truly remarkable game. However, they say that the final result is worth that.

The games that are going to be released in 2020 must be outstanding. It is necessary to admit that many of them are the final products of different online platforms. Nevertheless, these games are going to be rather powerful and competitive, the ones that will surpass fans’ expectations.


Stunning Video Games Coming Out in 2020

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Creating a fabulous game does not necessarily depend on the availability of the latest tools for producing three-dimensional graphics. Let us have a careful look at the mentioned game. It was developed seven years ago but it is still very popular. What is more, it is considered more effective than other modern games.

A current version of a game is actually a sequel, but its heroes look even more impressive. The style of the game remains the same, but the depicted creatures as well as the environment which they are acting in are more detailed and astonishing than they were before. It lets players sense special atmosphere of the digital world inside the game.

It is worth mentioning that Ori is as lovely as it was in previous versions of the game. It is adorable! Those who enjoy playing video games are just supposed to wait to see all the perks prepared by the developers.

Gods and Monsters

This game differs from those developed by Ubisoft. It is an absolutely new product with its peculiarities. It can be said that it includes many items (at least those that can be noticed visually) copied from The Legend of Zelda.

It should be noted that Odyssey may have a significant impact on this game. The point is that the developer of the game, i.e. Ubisoft, stated that Gods and Monsters was prepared by those creating Odyssey. They also declared that they learnt a lot of interesting facts and new things while developing that game and were pleased with the gained experience. The fans will be glad to know that when playing the game, they will perform the role of a Greek hero forgotten by the people whose mission is to aid gods to return their powers. The players will fight with the help of the sword, bow, and supernatural powers, i.e. telekinesis.

For now, those waiting for the game release with impatience can please themselves with just a trailer revealed by the developer. It is thought that there still can be some changes introduced into the game before being released.

The Last of Us Part 2

Do you think that Joel’s role in the first part of the game was a little bit cruel? In the second part, which is the sequel of the game called “Naughty Dog,” Ellie – the charge of Joel – plays the role that is even more brutal.

We are not joking about the above said. The teaser features the woman that was gutted before being hanged and the arms of her ally were crashed with a hammer. The whole picture is as terrible as it is described here. It is necessary to admit that the players will see Ellie in a dreadful situation. As to the Ellie’s new love, it seems that she met a gloomy fate (at least it is shown in the released video).

The second part of this game is performed in the same style and gives players the same feeling of tension and fight as the first one. This part of the game will include some of the heroes depicted in the first part. Wait till the release and you will see it with your own eyes.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Fortunately, this game is coming, at least a part of it. Its director stated that the first episode of the game consisted of two discs.

It is still unknown how many games will be needed to end the entire story. Moreover, it is unknown how much time will be needed to create those games. Anyway, the game fans will still have an opportunity to play its first part. The battle is depicted in the best way. The characters portrayed in the original game are adored by the players. This is one more item that will make a positive impression on players.

It is a pity that we will not be able to see Yuffie and Cid soon. However, it is necessary to admit that Midgar is definitely the most effective and impressive setting depicted in this game. It would be cool to be aware of all the peculiarities of this game. We are sure that all fans cannot wait to play this game. Let us hope that the rest of the story will be created soon.

Watch Dogs: Legion

Though the franchise of Ubisoft is grandiose, many efforts have to be made to achieve the goals, which are considered rather ambitious, set the by the developer of the game. Thus, it becomes clear why a considerable number of game players have some doubts about the game. Ubisoft declares that the game will let gamers play any of the roles of the heroes depicted in the game.

It seems that this game will satisfy the fans’ demands and make them feel thrilled. According to the latest reports, searching for agents and persuading them to start dealing with a specific game, i.e. advertising it, creating characters, etc., is as amusing as it sounds. Once you create the characters for a game, you should manage them properly. The point is that each character has to be specific in its own way. They should possess different skills and be able to complete their mission in different ways. If you show that all of them have the same set of skills and die simultaneously, the game will be over.

Ubisoft knows exactly how to create the games where the characters live their own lives in their own world. Thus, do not panic and wait till its release! If it works, it will be one of the most thrilling games of the year.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In the majority of games relating to Animal Crossing, the hero arrives to the defined village where there are many houses to examine and living creatures to come across. In the discussed game, you begin with absolutely nothing. This is one of the ways of reorganizing the already established scheme.

Now, the furniture can be placed outdoors. You have an opportunity to create characters with any color of the skin without using any tanning tools. What is more, you do not have to purchase different pieces of furniture, as you can create them on your own by utilizing a specifically designed system. However, it is possible only in case you have all the required materials. It is also necessary to admit that the developers made it possible for gamers to play simultaneously. About 8 people can play the game at once. Additionally, the game has its own cellular phone that can be used for earning points for the fulfilled missions. Such an option was absent in previous versions of the game.

The purpose of the developers was to create the game that could last for years. It means that there is much to explore for players what will certainly take a great deal of time.

Doom Eternal

This game was launched 26 years ago. Its developer is still creating the content for the original version of the game. In 2016, the game was rebooted what was warmly welcomed by its fans. All the key elements of the game, special effects, and chief features that made the game popular all over the world were preserved. Moreover, while developing the game, creators added some novelty to it. When playing the game, your character will get only the things needed for survival, i.e. health and ammunition. Note that your hero may need to fight with the demons. If you do not approve this scenario, you will not be able to play this game.

Though there are new elements in a game, the initial scheme has not been changed. It is worth admitting that such introduced tricks as zero gravity, the hook that helps the hero get to its enemies faster, and other items create a rather creepy atmosphere and let players experience deep feelings. Moreover, this game has been created in a way that lets several people play it (here it goes about the battles with demons).

The company has spent much time to create this game. Thus, it is expected to be a real masterpiece.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

This game is viewed as a marvelous work of art. Being released in 2004, it won high praise for its design and script that touched upon such important matters as death and sex. What is more, the characters presented in the game were quite realistic what let players see the problems which adults may face with in a real life. As to the technical side of the game, it is terrible. As a result, the sales were not very good what drove the developer out of the business.

Nevertheless, for the past 15 years, the popularity of the game has grown. Its fans were rather enthusiastic about the game sequel. The company has persuaded Brian Mistoda, the writer who was involved in the process of creating the first game, to create a new storyline illustrating an absolutely new creature operating at night. As well as in the first game, players will need to manage the character’s afterlife in a way that will not reveal its existence. However, this is 2020. Modern technologies are everywhere and it will be rather hard for the hero to escape from cameras and keep its identity unrevealed.

It is necessary to say that your hero will not be alone in this game. The game shows an attack of vampires on people living in Seattle after which the Thin-Bloods were created. The clans of the Seattle community are fighting for dominance and power. Thus, your hero will have a lot of work to do. Get ready for the game release!

Conan Chop Chop

Everything started like a mere joke. In 2019, there was a trailer advertising new Conan game that was called “Conan Chop Chop.” According to it, a gigantic barbarian was turned into a lovely creature moving quickly on the screen killing its enemies with the help of its sword.

Though it was a joke, it was a necessary modification. The developer of a game made the main hero almost real. A considerable amount of work was done to represent both Conan and his allies in a rather minimalist form.

The developers state that the game may be amusing and funny. However, it is a real game created with special care. What does it mean? The game has all the elements intrinsic to video games, i.e. the environment full of different tricks, fights, extraordinary characters, etc. When facing challenges, the main hero can always find those who can help him. Here it goes about the created multiplayer meaning that four people may play the game simultaneously.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Quarantine

This game is very popular even after four years after being released. It is high time for the sequel to come out. In order to make the game superior to its previous version, the developers decided to add more monsters and action. The members of several government secret organizations join together to defeat the parasite that poses real threat to all mankind. The first teaser lets fans expect a fantastic video game what is great. Game developers believe that this game will be a real treasure for gamers. Since the release of Siege's rocky a lot of improvements have been made. Thus, let us wait till the release date.

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