10 Weird But Real College Facts
22 September, 2016

10 Weird But Real College Facts

Even though studying requires serious attitude to learning, bizarre traditions of some institutions allow students to behave a little frivolous. Campuses all over the country offer extraordinary college life traditions, clubs and classes.

Weird but Real

Students of many colleges practice crazy tricks like feeding squirrels or playing music in the library. Want to know more? Here are 10 weird but real facts about college campuses you should absolutely know.

1. Squirrel Club
Just imagine: Sunday afternoon. A crowd of students is treating squirrels to peanuts at the University of Michigan campus. As you might guess, this is an official Squirrel Club. Basically, feeding squirrels on a weekly basis is their main and the only responsibility.

2. A Degree in Bowling Management
If accounting or hotel management study sound stereotype to you, get into the Vincennes University in Indiana. It offers an exclusive program - Bowling management, which opens doors to the bowling industry.

3. Orgo Night
The Butler Library of the Columbia University gets exceptionally crowded at the end of the fall and spring semesters. What an immense relief that students have their own marching band! Their music takes the heat off the cramming for final exams on the Orgo Night. 

4. Happiness Club
If you are thirsty or lonely, there is only one way out - the Northwestern University campus. Members of the Happiness Club will treat you to some lemonade and hot chocolate, give you a smiley sticker and even a comforting hug.

5. Secret Societies
Students of the Yale University adore secrets. Graduates George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry were not an exception. They were outstanding members of the ‘Skull and Bones’ secret society and keep silence about its functions till now.

6. Philosophy and Star Trek
Students of Georgetown University adore philosophy classes thanks to ‘Star Trek’. 'Philosophy and Star Trek' cover such issues as traveling back in time, the interconnection of body and brain, free will.

7. Naked Quad Run
Hundreds of students from the Tufts University miss the times when they could participate in a nighttime mind-blowing activity - the Naked Quad Run. It took place at campus just before fall finals in December until 2011.

8. Silent Dance Party
Giving a dancing party in the library is not a problem for the students of Carlton College. On one of the two reading days at 11 pm they put on their headphones and start dancing, listening to the same hour-long playlist, downloaded earlier. 

 9. Haunted Dormitory
Students of the Ohio University living in Wilson Hall easily communicate with spirits and sense the phenomena of the door knobs rumble. Don’t believe it? Watch the haunted dorm on the Scariest Places on Earth show to make sure. 

10. Sammy the Slug
Guess, what is the official mascot of students from the University of California at Santa Cruz, a sea lion or a banana slug? Yes, of course, it is a very exotic Sammy the Slug! 

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