10 Tips for Coping with Online Classes
11 August, 2016

10 Tips for Coping with Online Classes

I admire studying. Not the studying itself but getting to know something new, having an experience of new actions. I think I would study again after graduating if it wasn’t so expensive. That’s why I decided to improve the skills that are vital and useful in life. First of all my choice was to become a better cook. Sincerely, I’m a disaster in the kitchen. I can easily spoil even the easiest things; I cut my fingers all the time. I even had an experience of cooking meat for my parents and for my cat but none of them even dared to try it. I’m not quite sure what was wrong: the color or the smell, but I also decided not to take such a risk and didn’t try it.

That’s why my decision was to take some online classes for improving my skills or at least not to cut off my fingers=) First two or three were just a piece of cake, I easily coped with all the assignments, and started to like the things I do. But later while studying the fifth class it happened so that I didn’t quite catch all the peculiarities and accidentally had no time to cope with them at once. Later when I returned to lesson I received the next one on my email. After finishing lesson 5, I already had number six and seven to go on. And soon lessons for avoiding cooking disaster became a disaster by themselves. Problem was not in my inattentiveness or tasks been too complicated. The fact is that life is going on and you may not be able to leave one tasks at once and start the other ones. While having such troubles I figured out some tips for easy tasks management. 

Create a schedule

When you face the same problems I had, try to divide your lessons into few parts. That would be more suitable for understanding details and having a detailed view on the subject peculiarities. Set a reminding on your phone and OBEY your schedule.


Choose the way to study: read, watch, follow the examples. You may do the exercises in process of watching or reading or get back to them later. It doesn’t matter. Choose the suitable way for your remembering the main idea.

Decide when to study

Look for the proper time to study: define the time when nothing can bother or distract you, let the environment be pleasant for you: comfortable clothes, pleasant music, and cup of your favorite coffee or tea.

Read or watch the material until you get it. Repeat several times or start with exercises at once. It’s up to you!   

Know your aim

Always think about your goal when starting and passing lessons. You can be wiling to become a good cook(as I do) or master any computers skill – it doesn’t matter, just have a vision of your future abilities after finishing all the lessons, that would be one more step to success.

Get more

All online classes offer you the minimal necessary knowledge for basic mastering some skills. Instead of this learn more – go deeper into studying and create something great instead of working with basis. 

Help is near

You may feel lonely while studying. The process you are involved in requires time, friends may not understand your being busy all the time. To cope with your tasks easier there are special communities which deal exactly with your topic. They are able to help you with some assignments, give you an advice, share some life-hacks. They’ve all been the same as you are, so you are not alone in your “trouble”.

Tell someone in your life

Find a fellow who will work with you. That may be your classmate, or a friend involved into same subject studying. Check each other’s assignments, help to cope with the lessons you don’t quite catch. In such a way you get better remembering and have a chance to get easier explanation on complicated questions.  

Make records

Make some notes about your studying process. Keep your studying process organized; know what you’ve passed and what you are about to. Make short notes about the plot, for you to understand the process of studying in a proper way and in case you need to get faster the lesson that needs revision. 

Be persistent

Achievements require some persistence. If you don’t catch the main aspect of the lesson you’ve just passed, get through once more, ask anyone for help, try to look for another explanation in the internet. That may be rather helpful. Besides, when having some aspects explained by one of your friends, be sure that it would be more understandable.    

Learn to help yourself

Become skilled in helping yourself. You will not always have a possibility to ask someone for help, so you are able to use any source possible to help your studying process. Get to know some expert thoughts on your question watch video guides, browse different articles on your topic.

Follow these tips, figure out something new. Become skilled and master any subject available. Everything is in your hands and your life depends only on you.

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