10 Lessons Fairy Tales Can’t Teach Us
16 March, 2017

10 Lessons Fairy Tales Can’t Teach Us

What would our childhood look like without fairy tales? These stories are repeated to new generations over and over again, but they never get old! However instructive and good they can be, most of the time they tend to leave out some very significant life lessons.

  1. Most of the Time You Will Have to Rescue Yourself. There is always someone to save the main character in fairy tales. In contrast to this, real life rarely offers such pleasant surprises. Most of the time, we have to save ourselves.
  2. Singing While Working Cannot Always Cheer Us up. Remember, when Snow White was singing songs together with dwarfs, work was always becoming easier and funnier. While this really helps sometimes, it cannot help you all the time. There will be difficult days, when no amount of signing can help.
  3. Your Hair Will not Always Look Perfect. Hair of a fairy tale character always looks perfect. The harsh truth about life is that it is impossible. Some days you will find your hair looking more like an explosion and you will have to deal with that.
  4. Beauty Comes in Every Shape. In fairy tales and movies, beauty of main character always meets mainstream standards. Do not feel depressed if your waist is not as thin as Belle’s. Belle is imaginary; you are real.
  5. “Ugly” Does not Mean Evil. Most of the times when we see someone ugly in a fairy tale, we know it is a villain. It is not like this in life. Appearance has nothing to do with person’s inner qualities.
  6. Life Can Still Be Good With a Step-Family. Step-families are bad in fairy tales, but in real life not all step-families are evil. They are often friendly, loving, and fun.
  7. You Cannot Be Sweet All the Time. Fairy tales often portray characters who are sweet and kind. It is a pity, but it does not work in real life. Sometimes you have to be tough to get what you want.  
  8. Balancing Work and Play. Some fairy tales present hard work as a main reason for success. While hard work is crucial, the revealing truth about life is that hard work will not get you far without proper rest and play. We need to balance these things.
  9. The Past Cannot Be Undone. Curses are gone and all becomes good again. Well, in real life sometimes there is no turning back. That makes us understand that we have to take responsibilities for all our actions and that some of them can never be undone. 
  10. Bad Things Happen Sometimes. Interesting facts about fairy tales are finished by this last point. “And they Lived Happily Ever After” – that is what fairy tales say, but sometimes bad things happen even after a good ending. We have to keep it in mind.

Fairy tales are great, but they cannot teach us all life lessons. Real life can.  

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