Argumentative Essay

If you have a task to produce an argument essay, you may find this task to be daunting. In essence, an argument essay is designed to help the writer develop a strong argument or evaluate an argument develop by someone else. An argument essay may also be designed in the form of a proposal. Therefore, if your task is to evaluate what others have already said or written, you will have to evaluate the quality and consistency of that argument. You will also need to use examples and evidence to substantiate your point. Basically, when you are writing an argument essay, you will have to show the best of your analytical and critical skills. You have to be prepared to formulate a strong position, defend it, and make a conclusion based on your results.

Now see how you can improve your writing results:

  1. Do not use false data. Your readers will not be impressed, if you make up the facts. What you need is being logical, well organized, well structured, and critical in your judgments. So, use original examples and authentic illustrations to strengthen your position. Even if you think that you are an expert in your subject, false data will not give you any advantage.
  2. Be logical, consistent, and coherent. Writing a good argument essay is not simply about presenting some statistical data. It is more about having the data incorporated into your argument. The data is not the center of your paper. It is an instrument of support. Just use it, when you need to substantiate your argument.
  3. Develop a strong thesis. It should not be too long, but it should not be too short. Make a claim. For example, you believe that the original argument is inconsistent. Say it boldly and use evidence to prove your point.
  4. Make a rhetorical analysis of the argument. You can easily find faulty sentences, words, and structures that weaken the other's position.

Now consider the time and pace of argument paper writing. In the classroom, you will have only a half of an hour to finish writing. You do not know what kind of argument you are going to evaluate.

Therefore, it is better if you follow a sequence of easy steps to produce an outstanding result.

  • Planning is crucial. Spend at least 5 minutes planning your paper. You will have to read the original argument thoroughly and determine the links and evidence you will use in your paper. You must be clear as to what you are going to write, even before you start.
  • Writing is the next stage. You will have 20 minutes to complete the first draft of your work. Follow the outline you have developed, while planning your paper. With this plan, you will cope with your task quickly and without any serious mistakes.
  • Revising and proofreading are the last stages in the process of writing an argument essay. Make sure that your paper does not contain any grammar or spelling errors.

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