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You may not believe it, but the prevailing majority of college applicants face problems with admission. They do not have enough creativity, talent, or time to produce a unique, exclusive admission essay. It is not a secret that admission committees do not change their essay requirements for years. This is why they usually know what college applicants will write in their works.


You may say that it is not a problem. Actually, you may not even care of what other college applicants write in their papers. However, just imagine what the members of the admission committee feel. Would you be happy reading tons of identical admission essays? As a member of the admission committee, you feel bored, frustrated, and disappointed. Your college is looking for the best of the best applicants, but when all applicants say virtually the same thing, you cannot make the best choice. However, you can also look at the problem from another perspective. With 90 percent of identical essays presented by applicants, you have better chances to grab your readers' attention and win scholarship, if your admission essay is unique and stands out.

Use our recommendations in this blog and try to be different from everyone else. We will highlight the most typical mistakes college applicants make, when writing their admission essays. It is quite likely that you will find a description of some of your mistakes here.

However, you should not worry, because you still have time to learn more and avoid the risks of an admission disaster in the future.

Be Yourself

One of the key things you should remember is that you do not have to pretend that you are better than you are in reality. Simply stated, be yourself as you are writing your paper. You do not need to act like Bill Gates or Donald Trump just to make a better impression on the admissions committee. Do not try to persuade your readers that you are flawless and perfect. Be truthful, and members of the admission committee will appreciate your efforts!

Another thing to remember is that members of admission committees read dozens of identical essays every day. Therefore, if you fail to be truthful and objective in your writings, you will hardly improve your academic reputation. Quite on the contrary, if you say that you have a unique talent for math and you are admitted to college, the first math class will become a revelation for you and your classmates.

Do not be Boring

One of the most typical mistakes made by college applicants is when they use simple words to describe usual life experiences. You should be original and unique. To achieve this goal, choose the brightest events from your life and describe them with humor, satire, or both. Be different from everyone else! Make your readers laugh and cry with you! Most likely, you will find other applicants write about the most influential person in their lives or the most influential experience they have had. Be above that.

Of course, no one says that you cannot describe ordinary things. The key to your success is in how exactly you describe these ordinary experiences. You are expected to be unique. You are expected to be different. So, pursue this difference in everything you write, but be reasonable in your choices.

Do not be too Complicated

As you pursue difference in your writing, make sure you stay within appropriate limits. That means that, if you want to make a positive impression on the admission committee, you do not need to spend your whole essay on discussing the biggest mysteries of the world. No one is interested in why dinosaurs have disappeared or whether global warming is a reality. Do not jump over your own head and do not try to look more intellectual and sophisticated than you are. You will have enough time to show your strength and knowledge, once you are admitted to college. In the meantime, be original in what you are discussing. Your task is to surprise rather than impress. Do not be afraid of emotions. Enjoy the very process of getting to college!

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