Useful Additional Services We Offer

Additional Services

Progressive Delivery

Progressive delivery is a means of delivering papers that is suitable for longer assignments and those that are more detailed or complex since this method makes it much easier for the customer to manage their projects. So, depending on whether your tutor asks you to submit a 20+ page text in double-spacing or a 10+ page text in single-spacing, can complete these papers for you and deliver them to you progressively (or in individual parts).    

Notable Advantages:

  • Your assignments will be completed by’s top writers and most experienced editors.
  • More convenient way of tracking and monitoring orders, by making it easier for the customer to check the individual parts of their paper before the time comes to finally submit it in its entirety.  
  • As we receive orders we pass them to an experienced and qualified manager whose task is to personally manage the entire writing process, which means making sure your project is completed to your absolute satisfaction and ensuring that all contact between you and your writer during the process is as fast, smooth, and efficient as possible.
  • Prolonged period for requesting no-cost revisions. The standard timeframe for submitting revision requests to is 2 days. But the progressive delivery method gives you 30 days!  

Method of delivery for drafts or parts of a paper*:

  • Say a customer gives a deadline of 4 or -4 days in which to complete an order: The process is as follows: completes the first portion of that order i.e. 25% of it by the time 50% of the stipulated deadline arrives. Here is an example of how this works in practice – a customer places a 20-page order with and allows 2 days for completing it. That customer will then receive a draft or part comprised of 5 pages when 1 day of their deadline has expired.      
  • Say a customer gives a deadline of 5-11 days in which to complete an order: In this case, sends 25% and 50% of the customer’s assignment to them when the same amounts of deadline – 25%, 50% and 75% - have expired.       
  • Say a customer gives a deadline of 12 or 12-plus days in which to complete an order: Following the above format, sends 25%, 50%, and 75% of the customer’s assignment to them when the same amounts of the deadline – 25%, 50% and 75% - have expired. 

These extra benefits are available for a small additional fee onto the price a standard order – only +15%.

  • The staff at will only be too happy to help you if you would like to arrange some other means of getting your order delivered. All you need to do is speak to your personal manager and they will work out an alternative method to accommodate your needs and circumstances.   

Additional Services to Accommodate Shorter Orders

If you have a paper with less than 20 pages, we have some additional services you might find beneficial:  

Extended Revision

Customers who choose get numerous guarantees – one of these is the option of free revisions, usually for up to 2 days (48 hours) past the time their order is delivered to them. If, however, you want extended revision time, we can prolong the time allowed to you so that you have 14 days instead of 2! 


If you want a draft of some particular paper, will happily provide it. When we have reached half (50%) of the deadline time you set, we can send you a 1-page draft. You will receive this as a 300-word or as a 600-word document (depending on what option you select on the order form, e.g., double-spacing will give you a draft of 300 words whereas single spacing will render a draft of 600 words). So what this means is that we will send your draft in 1 day in the event your original deadline is 2 days.    


Customers of also have the option of getting summaries of longer papers, which we provide in the form 1-page synopses. The summary you receive will enable you to easily see the main points from your entire paper. We recommend these summaries to individuals who are required to report at frequent intervals to their tutor(s) or supervisor(s).