Academic Coursework

What Is Coursework Writing?

What is coursework? This question is often asked by students who are assigned this task for the first time. Coursework is usually a practical task, which may be performed in a form of some project, fieldwork or long essay. The assignment mostly depends on the course and preferences of a professor. Coursework is a part of learning process aimed at preparing students to effectively and successfully complete greater assignments, including different tests, practical tasks, experiments, etc.

Our article will provide you with general understanding of how to write a coursework essay.

The Purpose of Coursework Writing

Coursework is a task assigned by a professor or teacher. It is usually a part of the course program. However, sometimes, teachers can assign this task on their own to test students’ skills. This task is given to assess the understanding of the materials that have already been learnt by students and to see how good they can apply this knowledge in various situations. Coursework is a reflection of students’ ways of thinking and it can require different approaches considering the nature of the task. For example, students may be assigned with such task as an essay, term paper, etc. However, this assignment can take more artistic form, such as, for example, to create a sculpture, etc. Regardless of the task, the mark for it will influence your overall performance, so it has to be treated seriously. Besides, your coursework is a reflection of your own approach towards work, so it is something special, which reflects personality of every student. Regardless of the fact that some coursework can be very creative, most of time, they are presented in a form of writing tasks, such as thesis writing, dissertation, research or term papers, etc. You may be asked to craft something only in case the course requires it and your creativity has to be tested. Depending on your course, even mixed assignments can be given to students.

Different Types of Coursework

What is coursework? – A problem or an opportunity? If you think that coursework is an unnecessary task, which only takes much time and effort, try to look at it from a different perspective. Sure, any assignment completion requires you to spend some resources on it; it is either your time or mental activity. However, it is a great chance for every student to show him/herself in a way different from a traditional one. Writing your coursework can be very exciting and interesting if you stop thinking about it as a burden.


Some of the ways to start your work include:

Coursework as a written assignment:

  • Do some research on the given topic to find interesting materials;
  • Formulate your topic;
  • Think about a structure of your paper and work on your thesis;
  • Prepare a summary of your work to approve with teacher;
  • Bring all the necessary information together;
  • Write the first draft;
  • Complete your paper and check it for plagiarism;
  • Provide reference list and give necessary credit.

Here are some tips on how to make the paper you write interesting and reach success:

  • Make it relevant;
  • Be precise;
  • Proper structure of your paper;
  • Good organization;
  • Accessible sources;
  • Concise;
  • Innovative approach.

Coursework, which requires creative approach:

  • Find an area you are interested in;
  • Choose a central focus of your work;
  • Prepare materials for task completion;
  • Get to work!

If you ask yourself, “What is coursework?” it means that you are only about to understand the nature of this assignment. Coursework gives you an opportunity to show yourself and to reveal your inner genius.

Students are obliged to work on academic coursework writing rather often because professors think that this type of home assignment gives them a perfect chance to evaluate students’ knowledge and identify what they have learnt throughout the whole course. Coursework writing has a huge impact on the final grades, which makes students panic.

There are different types of coursework, which confuse students much. In most coursework types, students should be involved in an extensive research, do the laboratory work, participate in experiments, draw logical conclusions based on the observations, etc. Moreover, students should refer to the class materials and introduce ideas discussed by the professor to prove their knowledge in the subject.

Here are the basic writing steps for handling coursework with ease:

  1. Think about the topic that you would like to explore. In some cases, professors allow students to choose their own topic, so you should choose the one that will not be discussed by every second student in the class.
  2. If you have a specific topic assigned by the professor, you should ensure that you know what is expected from you in writing. Sometimes teachers assign a general topic and ask to narrow down the focus. In any case, you must be able to interpret and analyze the topic, which can be done only if you understand paper instructions. If not, raise your hand and ask your professor to explain what should be addressed in this specific task.
  3. Since coursework refers to a complex research project writing, you will have to consult with your professor much. Do not be ashamed to contact your professor and ask to provide his/her opinion about the focus of your paper. You should know for sure that you work in the right direction.
  4. Now it is time to create a sketch of your paper, taking into account requirements as for structure and organization of ideas. Professors usually amend paper instructions and ask students to refer to new writing forms. Therefore, you should create a plan (or an outline) of the whole paper and get it approved by the professor. During the writing process, you will have to rely much on your already created outline.
  5. In coursework writing, you will have to conduct a profound research. However, you should choose research methods first. You can utilize polls, experiments, comparisons, interviews, observations, etc. Usually professors ask students to use some specific research methods, so be sure you do not overlook this requirement.
  6. Always use only scientific and scholarly sources while gathering relevant materials for your coursework writing. While reading, make some notes, which will be further used in writing. Remember to indicate specific page numbers in any note to ensure that your future in-text citations will include all necessary details.
  7. Work on the first draft. Refer to your outline and extend its points with full sentences. Revise your draft a couple of times until you are positive that it is just what your professor expects.
  8. Double check if your final copy is based on professor’s instructions and you did not include any off topic ideas.
  9. Do not be reluctant to edit your paper before submission. Correct spelling, grammar, and formatting mistakes not to lose points for the task.

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