500 Word Essay

If you are aimed at writing an original 500 word essay, you need to do extensive research. Thus, you will gather enough relevant material on the discussed matter. As a result, you will not have any problems with covering the selected topic. As soon as the necessary data are collected, you should start writing an outline. The next step is producing the first draft. Remember that it is very important to edit the paper once it is completed.

The writing process consists of several stages. Take the following steps to understand how to produce a work properly:

  1. Do research. Look through a number of books, articles, and other sources to collect useful information about the examined matter.
  2. Write a basic outline. In order to make it logical you should use the gathered data. All sections of the outline should have particular headings. They will denote the future body units. Then, the points presented in the outline will be discussed in the body paragraphs. Each item of the outline should begin with “1 or A.” Each point should have sub items. If you write a good outline, you will not encounter any difficulties with producing a thesis statement.
  3. A thesis statement should present the central idea of your 500 word essay. In this part, you need to introduce the subject of your work. Therefore, readers will know what they are going to discuss. Do not forget to provide straightforward facts to support the thesis.
  4. Start brainstorming. You should draw worthwhile ideas that will be presented in your introductory paragraph. Remember that a thesis statement should be written at the end of the introduction. The facts collected while doing research should develop the produced thesis.
  5. Body. Its first paragraph should provide detailed information about the examined issue. It should start with a topic sentence. By the way, it is very useful to cite wonderful examples. Therefore, your paper will be more interesting. The following paragraphs should be written in the same way. Each of them should present major arguments related to the thesis statement.
  6. Conclusion. When writing this part of the paper, you need to restate your thesis statement. Present the points that support it. When producing this paragraph, you have to be sure that you do not introduce new facts. The final sentence should generalize the thesis of your work.
  7. The last step is to edit your 500 word essay. It is recommended to read it aloud. Thus, it will be easier for you to notice the possible mistakes. Make sure that the paper does not contain any typos and that all words are spelled correctly. You may also ask someone to take a fresh look at your work. Therefore, you will be 100% sure that everything is done properly.
  8. Organize a reference page. It should contain all the sources that you have used for writing the paper. Follow the formatting style indicated in the instructions provided by your professor.

Some Useful Tips

The following tips will help you overcome difficulties that may arise during the writing process:

  • If you cannot take books from the library, you should make copies of the required pages.
  • Strictly follow professor’s guidelines. Usually, Times New Roman 12 font and one-inch margins are applied when typing academic works.
  • Avoid using the ideas presented in the previously written papers without properly cited quotations. You may be accused of plagiarism and get a poor grade for your essay.