5-paragraph Essay

An Introduction

Your 5-paragraph essay should always begin with an introduction, which also includes a thesis statement. Your introductory passage should work as a brief outline for everything you are going to discuss in your paper. Introduce your reader to the topic of your choice and include a thesis statement at the end of the introduction.

First Body Paragraph

Your first body paragraph should begin with a strong topic sentence, which is followed by credible, strong evidence to substantiate your point. Remember that you must "hook" the reader and keep your audience "glued" to your paper until the very last word. The topic sentence should also be linked to the thesis you develop and present at the end of the introduction. Illustrate the point and include as much information as you deem important to understand the subject of the paragraph. Keep your thesis statement on your mind, as you are developing your body paragraphs. When you are done with it, include a transitional statement and start writing the second paragraph.

Second Body Paragraph

In the second paragraph of your paper, you should use another argument and point to develop a strong topic sentence. Again, as it is with the first body paragraph, make sure that sufficient evidence follows and supports your point. The first sentence of the second body paragraph should fulfill a double purpose. First, it should present the second main point. Second, it should serve as a transition from the first body paragraph. When you are ready, include a transitional sentence at the end of the second paragraph and be sure to start writing the third one.

Third Body Paragraph

In your third paragraph, you should elaborate on the least significant and, actually, the weakest point, as related to your thesis statement. Still, even though this point is going to be the weakest, you should not underestimate the value of quality evidence and credible examples. As always, your first sentence should introduce the point and, at the same time, provide a link to the second, previous paragraph. It should also be linked to the thesis statement. At the end of the third paragraph you will have to include a transitional sentence, which opens the way to developing a conclusion.


The last paragraph of your paper is a conclusion or a summary. Here, you will need to restate your thesis statement. You will also need to summarize the three points you discussed in the three body paragraphs. You will have to persuade your reader that it was worth reading your paper.

Therefore, a good conclusion will include:

  • A link to the information provided in the introduction
  • A restated thesis, being presented in different words but carrying the same semantic meaning
  • A comprehensive summary of the three arguments or points discussed in the body of the paper
  • A concluding statement that either clarifies the implications of the paper for the audience or offers recommendations for future research, action, study, or analysis of the issue.